Evelynn ∞ 17 ∞ Europe;
I'm so multi-fandom I don't even remember all the stuff I love to mention that. And I'm pretty mad about them all, though, I'm mostly about sports (football, F1, occasionally tennis); music (indie/alternative rock); TV shows (TorchWhoLock, Downton Abbey, Suits, etc.); Middle-earth; books; panel shows; and basically whole UK or close enough to whole it.

Have a nice day and may your house be free from tigers.

You’re welcome.

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Oh Captain, Which Captain?

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Ned the Pie Maker in every episode → S2E01 - “Bzzzzzzzzzz!”

"Could that have happened to me? On the roof? Could I have been swarmed? In my underwear too! I could have been swarmed in my underwear!"

minimalist tolkien
→ sauron (for mia)

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#T-ShirtTuesday (x)

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GIF MEME: quotes

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"You don’t tell me, who I can and can’t fancy, all right? That is mine! That belongs to me! No one else, no one, not even you!" - Finn